Bamboozled in Bruges Belgian Blonde Ale

Belgian yeast, medium bodied, full flavored, slightly spicy, subtle hops

O.G. – 13.0 ~ F.G. – 1.2 ~ A.B.V. – 6.3%

It’s named that because the brewmaster was REALLY bamboozled in Bruges. If you ever got stuck paying a dinner bill for someone who conveniently walked away before the bill arrived.. this beer is for you!

Barn Dance Blonde

our most mild beer, German Kölsch, subtle malt and hop characters

O.G. – 12.6 ~  F.G. – 2.4 ~ A.B.V. – 4.5%

A German style Kolsch brewed to Reinheitsgebot, traditional ingredients.  It’s an ale, but is fermented like a lager, which give it a dry quality with some bready after taste.  Our most common brew, suits your brew pub junky and occasional beer drinker alike.  It can be found on tap pretty much all the time.

Jim Hahn, the brewpub general manager named this beer. It is a session beer which means you can sit and drink a few and have a “chat session’ …..or dance! The choice is yours.

Token to Hoboken Hefeweizen

banana and spice flavors, medium bodied wheat beer, pale straw color, finishes dry

O.G. – 13.3 ~ F.G. – 2.1 ~ A.B.V. – 5.7%

A traditional wheat beer (Hefe = Yeast – Weizen = Wheat) unfiltered, which gives it the cloudy appearance, with a golden body and thick head.  Very subtle banana aroma and taste.

If you have ever taken the PATH train from NYC to Hoboken, NJ you will hear the conductor shout “HO –BO-KEN” and you will need a token [so to speak] to get on the train… it’s also where the brewmaster’s son Evan lives and it just sounded like a great name for a Hefe!

New Whirrled Vienna Lager

amber color, malty front palate, subtle spicy hops, full bodied

O.G. – 13.8 ~ F.G. – 3.0 ~ A.B.V. – 5.7

An olde world style of beer, named after the city it originated in, we gave it a whirl with our new world style.  Donny’s cousin Larry thought that an opposing, yet similar name might fit the bill.

Journeyman India Pale Ale

floral, herbal aroma, balanced hops throughout, medium bodied

O.G. – 17.3 ~ F.G. – 2.7 ~ A.B.V. – 7.7%

A west coast style IPA named by the brewmaster in honor of his most beloved band, Jethro Tull.  Come in on the right day and you can hear the sweet tunes coming from the Brew House.  It’s very hoppy but is well balanced with the malt.  The I.P.A. has a refreshing, yet not overbearing floral taste and aroma.  Regularly on tap and a favorite of beer heads seeking out hops, hops and more hops.  IPA has been deemed “regular” and Pale Ale is “diet.”

Revelation Pale Ale

an American Pale Ale, on the hoppy side, slight citrus flavor, dry

O.G. – 13.1 ~ F.G. – 2.9 ~ A.B.V. – 5.4%

It’s a beer awakening [aka an epiphany]…..moving into unknown beer territory. That’s a good thing. We hope it will allow you to go on to bigger beer adventures.  Maybe you will venture on to the Journeyman India Pale Ale.  Pale Ale is “diet” and IPA is “regular.”

Oliver’s Twisted Belgian Pale Ale

O.G. – 13.3 ~ F.G. – 2.2 ~ A.B.V. – 5.6%

A traditionally less hoppy Pale Ale than its American counterpart.  It tends to be more sweet with obvious malty overtones.

One summer afternoon Donny was giving a taste of this beer to his sister-in-law, Janice, and her neighbor, Randi.  It had no name but when Randi tasted it she said, “Please sir, may I have some more?” …Oliver Twist!

Remember the A.L.A.M.O. Alt

sweet malty nose, deep amber in color, medium bodied with a slightly bitter but dry finish

O.G. – 14  ~ F.G. – 2.7 ~ A.B.V. – 5.9%

Altbier is a German style brown ale.  Alt = “old” in German, this style of ale is usually conditioned for longer than average periods of time.  “Alt” can also be derived from the Latin word “altus,” “high”, and refers to the rising yeast.  A smooth beer with subtle hop notes and a malty body.

No this ALAMO has nothing to do with the Alamo in Texas.  You’d have to ask the owner of The Inn at Turkey Hill and Turkey Hill Brewing Co, Andrew Pruden.  He’s a family man with three beautiful children… hint, hint.

What the Helles

German style Lager, very crisp, light and refreshing, dry finish

O.G. – 11.8 ~ F.G. – 2.3 ~ A.B.V. – 4.9%

A Bavarian Lager, (“hell” = German adjective for “light”) that has an aesthetically pleasing straw blonde color.  Perfect on a warm Spring or Summer day.  Can ask to add San Pellegrino Pompelmo (grapefruit) for a Citrus Twist.

When working at a beer festival Donny and his Wife, Susie, encountered a rather rude gentleman (use that term loosely), who was eager to partake in another sample of beer and demanded that his girlfriend, “Get the hell out of my way.”  This made them think… What the Hell(es)?  We thank you kindly rude boyfriend for being the inspiration.

Group Therapy ESB

[Extra Special Bitters]

English style, Extra Special Bitter Pale Ale, Fuggles and East Kent Goldings hops

O.G. – 10.8 ~ F.G. – 2.5 ~ A.B.V. – 4.4%

An English style Pale Ale that isn’t all that bitter, despite it’s name.  ESB’s are known for their well balanced ratio of hops and malts.  On the maltier side with a toasty after taste.

Andrew Pruden [owner] and Donny Abraczinskas [brewmaster] have both been in Group Therapy…but NEVER at the same time.  Group Therapy is a bar in Columbia, South Carolina that both frequented while attending The University of South Carolina.  A little tribute the glory days of college.  Coincidence or fate… we’ll go with fate.

Rolling Fog Barley Wine


It’s a beer, but not your daddy’s beer.  Chloe, the brewmaster’s daughter, lives on a street named Rolling Fog and when he heard the name he said it would be the perfect name for his [perfect] barley wine. We tend to agree, as you may begin to feel that way if you drink too many.

Urban Abbey Apricot Wheat


Yo! Hahn’s Bock!

Johann Sebastian Bach…….composer
Jim Hahn….manager of THBC
Jim Hahn…..Bock beer
Yo! Hahn’s Bock!        …..enough said!

Fort Wheeler’s Stronghold Ale

A little history lesson here. If you cross Lightstreet Road you will see a  historical marker telling you it was the site of Fort Wheeler. Apparently they did a mighty fine job of defending Bloomsburg, so we thought their name rightfully deserved to precede our Belgian Strong Ale.

A Mid-Summer’s Night Saison

A  summer farmhouse ale. With this saison we salute Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble [our own prestigious theatre group] and William Shakespeare…… both always inspiring!

St. Abban’s Irish Red

When the brewmaster trademarked the Urban Abbey Brewing Co name this was one of the first beers he named. Of course he was thinking : Ireland, abbey, friar, St. Patrick; and then he began to research Irish names. St. Abban, a hermit, just seemed to be the right fit for this Irish Red and in honor of the free-spirit in all of us.

Wholly Trinity Tripel

Our Tripel is totally [wholly] brewed with three [Trininty] times the amount of malt of a normal Belgian Ale. That is what makes it a Tripel. If the Urban Abbey was a monastery of Trappist Monks in Belgium this tripel would be a Trappist beer…but it isn’t, so it’s not!  Therefore, we’ll refer to it as a Belgian Ale. Tripels are notoriously high in alcohol and notoriously famous for not noticing it until it is almost too late… Then, you may be sayimg ”  Holy-Moley”!!!

Table 28 American Wheat

It was a wedding, Markand Mary Jo Wilsey’s wedding to be exact! It was in Indianapolis and we were seated at the NASA table [thanks to Chloe being an employee!] All the tables were numbered BUT only the lucky ones [that would be us] were at TABLE 28. You might think that engineers from NASA would be boring;  but you’d be dead wrong. Not only are they brilliant, they play the best drinking games. You could tell from the looks on the faces of the people at other tables they were quite envious of our table [or maybe we were just a bit LOUD!] We had to replace numbers with names or actions. We recall having to make Rambo machine gun noises, elbow pointing directions, and chants of “We want Aliana at our table”. We [absolutely] remember that instead of saying number 5, you had to stand up at the table, salute and shout, “America”. So we toast Mark and Mary Jo and all the great people at NASA who make going to a wedding one fabulous memory by naming our American Wheat…Table 28!!!

Brewin’ Moon Octoberfest

It is a wonderful night for a moondance and an Octoberfest at Turkey Hill. Very Seasonal.

Urban Abbey Pumpkin Ale

Another of Urban Abbey’s deeeeee – lish – ous brews!! As good as it gets!!!


“haha…did you ever watch 24….well we loved that show and Jack Bauer so one night we decided we needed to honor the show with a beer……drink it while you are interrogating someone!!!

American Extra Stout

Creamy with a hint of coffee and chocolate; and  a roasted flavor at the end

Doonie’s Dubbel

When Donny [the brewmaster] started brewing beers 20 some years ago he thought Doonie was a cool name for a Dubbel. We tend to agree that classics NEVER go out of style and Doonie’s Dubbel sounds pretty classic. On a footnote……if you should hear The Urban Abbey Brewing Co intermingled with Turkey Hill Brewing Company it is because Donny IS The Urban Abbey Brewing Co. It is the name he gave his beers years ago. Why Urban Abbey…Well abbey is a nickname of his last name and although we don’t live in an urban setting, Rural Abbey did not sound nearly as cool as Urban Abbey!

Iron Street Porter

Our tribute to Bloomsburg……A good strong name for a good hearty beer. And, sometimes we throw in cherries

Lightstreet Porter

Another tribute to the area… ….A brown porter…lighter than the Iron Street Porter. More of a Spring/Summer version! It’s not too much of a beer…very drinkable and it is SOO popular that we plan on serving it all year long!

Reminiscent of Raspberry

Just a wisp of raspberry in this ale!…

Stoney’s Oatmeal  Stout

A friend named Steven was playing pool in a bar in California and the girl he was shooting against kept calling him Tony….When he said his name was Steven she said, “ Fine, we’ll compromise and I’ll call you Stoney”    ..S.O.S. is what you can call this beer for short!

Palmetto Pilsner

This is named in honor of the Palmetto State (South Carolina), since Andrew (owner) and Donny (brewmaster) both went to the University of South Carolina. And it is where they would like you to believe that they began to acquire a taste for craft beer…..but that’s not true because they could only afford cheap yellow at that time in their lives….

Sweet Melissa’s Strawberry Ale

Well, this is where the story begins. It started with cooking classes taught by the brewmaster’s wife (Susie) and three kindergarten teachers as her students. And in this class one thing always leads to another. Melissa, a student in cooking class, was hosting an engagement party and asked Donny if he would like to brew the beer. Of course he said yes, as long as she picked  strawberries to make a strawberry ale. So off she went to pick 25 lbs. of strawberries. Little did she know she would be the reason this dream came true. Deeply indebted to you, Sweet Melissa……